Convert your BROTHER to a WIRELESS data reader!

 This Wireless / WIFI upgrade will allow your BROTHER embroidery machine to read data from a remote directory, wireless via your existing WiFi network!


The following codes are used when ordering your Wireless / USB to WIFI upgrade.

Brother 3100D

Brother AF-110

Brother BAS 311A

Brother BAS 311E

Brother BAS 311F

Brother BAS 412

Brother BAS 415, 416, 423

Brother BE-0901E-AC B

rother BE-1201B-AC

Brother BES-120

Brother BES-1210AC

 Brother BES-916AC

Brother Pacesetter ULT2002D

Brother PR600

Brother ULT 2002D

Brother ULT2001


We also sell Floppy Drive to USB reader upgrades for BROTHER