Wireless Floppy Drive Converter – Convert your Floppy to Wireless

Wireless Floppy Drive Converter Wireless Floppy Drive Converter – Convert your Floppy to Wireless BUY NOW Our Floppy to Wireless / Wifi Conversion is designed to convert your existing 3 1/2 Floppy Drive to a combo USB reader with a USB wireless stick! This will allow you to read from conventional USB sticks or you can transfer data wirelessly with the wireless USB to WIFI stick included BUY NOW This Combo package includes one device and one device.…

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Release Notes

USB2Wifi Patch Notes

USB2Wifi Patch Notes Version 0.95ex (Experimental Patch) April 16, 2018 This document explains changes made to the USB2Wifi firmware since the previous patch v0.94.3. This document should be accompanied with one or more binary files labeled usb2wifi-patch-xxxxxxxxxx that will be used for the actual update. Update instructions are included. This is an experimental patch release (denoted by “ex” suffix) and will only make temporary changes to the USB2Wifi stick (“stick” or “wifi stick”), and is only intended to be applied…

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