How is our USB to WIFI different

Our device – is VERY different.

The USB to WIFI device was designed with business and industry in mind.

The competitors on the market are basically battery powered wifi routers with storage you can access with an app. The competitors USB cannot be plugged in AND wifi active at the same time. So you load it with the usb part, and only when you unplug it it becomes active (and starts going off of battery), and then you have to log onto its wifi (logging off of your wifi/internet). Then you can access your files with an app, to we assume play videos or music. Something useful when you are in an airplane or a car only…

Again, our device is different and much more robust. This is the perfect device for a warehouse full of USB equipped manufacturing machines, for example.

Our device is perfect for CNC machines, Wire EDM machines, embroidery machines, 3D printers, etc.