USB to WiFi

What kind of equipment does our device work with?

Here is an example of 100 categories where our wireless USB solution might be a solution that works for you, and your equipment:

(Some categories and machines, subject to testing. Please verify with your sales representative if there are any question if this will work for your application)

What kind of equipment does our device work?

Here is an example of 100 categories where our wireless USB solution might work for you:

Equipos Industriales

1 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) • Siemens SIMATIC S7 series
• Allen-Bradley ControlLogix series
2 Siemens SIMATIC HMI panels • Siemens SIMATIC S7 series
• Rockwell Automation PanelView series
3 Industrial Computers • Advantech Industrial PCs
• Beckhoff Industrial PCs
4 Data Loggers • National Instruments CompactDAQ series
• Omega Engineering Data Loggers
5 Industrial Printers • Zebra Industrial Printers
• Honeywell Industrial Printers
6 Industrial Scanners • Datalogic PowerScan series
• Honeywell Granit series
7 CNC Machines • Haas CNC machines
• Mazak CNC machines
8 Industrial Robots • ABB Robotics
• Fanuc Robotics
9 Industrial Scales and Weighing Equipment • Mettler Toledo Industrial Scales
• Avery Weigh-Tronix Scales
10 Testing and Measurement Equipment • Fluke Industrial Test Equipment
• Keysight Technologies Oscilloscopes
11 Surveillance and Security Systems • Hikvision Industrial Cameras and DVRs
12 Bosch Security SystemsIndustrial Power Supplies • Phoenix Contact Quint Power Supplies
• Mean Well Industrial Power Supplies
13 Industrial Ethernet Switches • Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches
• Moxa Industrial Ethernet Switches
14 Temperature Controllers • Omron E5CC Temperature Controllers
• Yokogawa UTAdvanced Temperature Controllers
15 Industrial Data Acquisition Systems • National Instruments CompactRIO
• Advantech ADAM-6000 series
16 Flow Meters and Sensors • Endress+Hauser Flow Meters
• Siemens SITRANS Flow Meters
17 Industrial Networking Devices • Belden Hirschmann Networking Devices
• Red Lion Industrial Networking Solutions
18 Barcode Printers and Scanners • SATO Industrial Barcode Printers
• CipherLab Industrial Barcode Scanners
19 Material Handling Equipment • Dematic Conveyor Systems
• Vanderlande Sortation Systems
20 Environmental Monitoring Systems • Vaisala Industrial Measurement Systems
• Campbell Scientific Environmental Data Loggers
21 Industrial UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) • Schneider Electric Industrial UPS
• Eaton Industrial UPS
22 Industrial Laser Marking Systems • Epilog Laser Industrial Marking Systems
• Trumpf TruMark Laser Marking Systems
23 Industrial Vision Systems • Cognex Industrial Vision Systems
• Keyence Vision Systems
24 Industrial Pneumatic Control Systems • Festo Pneumatic Control Systems
• SMC Pneumatic Automation Systems
25 Environmental Chambers • Thermotron Environmental Chambers
• ESPEC Environmental Chambers
26 Industrial Spectrophotometers • Shimadzu Industrial Spectrophotometers
• Agilent Cary UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometers
27 Gas Analyzers • ABB Gas Analyzers
• Teledyne API Gas Analyzers
28 Industrial Print and Apply Systems • Domino Print and Apply Systems
• Weber Marking Systems
29 Industrial Mixers and Blenders • Ross Mixers and Blenders
• SPX Flow Industrial Mixers
30 Industrial X-ray Inspection Systems • Nordson DAGE X-ray Inspection Systems
• YXLON Industrial X-ray Systems
31 Industrial Barcode Verifiers • Webscan Barcode Veriers
• Axicon Barcode Veriers
32 Industrial Battery Testers • Cadex Electronics Battery Testers
• Maccor Battery Test Systems
33 Industrial Centrifuges • Beckman Coulter Industrial Centrifuges
• Alfa Laval Centrifuges
34 Industrial Heat Exchangers • Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers
• Tranter Heat Exchangers
35 Industrial Water Treatment Systems • GE Water Treatment Systems
• Siemens Water Technologies
36 Industrial Gas Turbines • Siemens Industrial Gas Turbines
• General Electric (GE) Gas Turbines
37 Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners • Branson Ultrasonic Cleaners
• Crest Ultrasonic Cleaners
38 Industrial Fans and Blowers • Cincinnati Fan Industrial Fans
• Greenheck Industrial Fans and Ventilation Systems
39 Industrial Balances and Scales • Ohaus Industrial Balances
• Radwag Industrial Scales
40 Industrial Gas Chromatographs • Agilent Technologies Gas Chromatographs
• Shimadzu Gas Chromatographs
41 Industrial Thickness Gauges • Olympus Industrial Thickness Gauges
• Dakota Ultrasonics Thickness Gauges
42 Industrial Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment • Magnaux Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment
• Parker Research Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment
43 Industrial Calorimeters • Setaram Industrial Calorimeters
• IKA Calorimeters
44 Industrial pH Meters and Analyzers • Mettler Toledo Industrial pH Meters
• Hach Industrial pH Analyzers
45 Industrial Microwave Ovens • Panasonic Industrial Microwave Ovens
• Menumaster Industrial Microwave Ovens
46 Industrial Pumps • Grundfos Industrial Pumps
• ITT Goulds Pumps
47 Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Meters • Hach Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Meters
• YSI Dissolved Oxygen Meters
48 Industrial Particle Counters • TSI Particle Counters
• Beckman Coulter Particle Counters
49 Industrial Rheometers • Anton Paar Industrial Rheometers
• Brookeld Engineering Rheometers
50 Industrial Pressure Transmitters • Emerson Rosemount Pressure Transmitters
• Yokogawa Pressure Transmitters
51 Industrial Turbidity Meters • Hanna Instruments Turbidity Meters
• LaMotte Turbidity Meters
52 Industrial Conductivity Meters • Thermo Fisher Scientic Conductivity Meters
• Yokogawa Conductivity Meters
53 Industrial Vibration Analyzers • SKF Vibration Analyzers
• Fluke Vibration Analyzers
54 Industrial Optical Emission Spectrometers • Thermo Fisher Scientic Optical Emission Spectrometers
• Bruker Optical Emission Spectrometers
55 Industrial Electron Microscopes • JEOL Industrial Electron Microscopes
• FEI (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientic) Electron Microscopes
56 Industrial Gas Detectors • Dräger Industrial Gas Detectors
• Industrial Scientic Gas Detectors
57 Industrial Liquid Chromatography Systems • Waters Industrial Liquid Chromatography Systems
• PerkinElmer Liquid Chromatography Systems
58 Industrial Infrared Cameras • FLIR Industrial Infrared Cameras
• Testo Industrial Infrared Cameras
59 Industrial X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers • Rigaku Industrial X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers
• Hitachi High-Tech X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers
60 Industrial Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Systems • Aquionics Industrial UV Disinfection Systems
• Xylem Industrial UV Disinfection Systems
61 Industrial 3D Printers • Stratasys Industrial 3D Printers
• EOS Industrial 3D Printers
62 Industrial Laser Cutting Machines • Trumpf Industrial Laser Cutting Machines
• Bystronic Laser Cutting Machines
63 Industrial Wireless Communication Devices • Siemens Industrial Wireless Communication Devices
• Phoenix Contact Wireless Communication Devices
64 Industrial Fluid Handling Equipment • Graco Industrial Fluid Handling Equipment
• ARO Fluid Handling Equipment
65 Industrial Gas Compressors • Atlas Copco Industrial Gas Compressors
• Ingersoll Rand Industrial Gas Compressors
66 Industrial Load Cells and Weigh Modules • Rice Lake Weighing Systems Load Cells
• Vishay Load Cells
67 Industrial Solenoid Valves • ASCO Industrial Solenoid Valves
• Parker Hannifin Solenoid Valves
68 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Chambers • Weiss Technik Industrial Chambers
• Espec Temperature and Humidity Chambers
69 Industrial Laser Engraving Machines • Trotec Laser Engraving Machines
• Epilog Laser Engraving Machines
70 Industrial Colorimeters • Konica Minolta Industrial Colorimeters
• X-Rite Industrial Colorimeters
71 Industrial Power Analyzers • Yokogawa Power Analyzers
• Fluke Power Analyzers
72 Industrial Static Control Equipment • Simco-Ion Static Control Equipment
• Meech International Static Control Equipment
73 Industrial Electromagnetic Flow Meters • Endress+Hauser Electromagnetic Flow Meters
• Krohne Electromagnetic Flow Meters
74 Industrial Ultrasonic Welding Machines • Herrmann Ultrasonics Welding Machines
• Branson Ultrasonic Welding Machines
75 Industrial Hydraulic Presses • Beckwood Hydraulic Presses
• Wabash Hydraulic Presses
76 Industrial Residual Gas Analyzers • Pfeiffer Vacuum Residual Gas Analyzers
• Stanford Research Systems Residual Gas Analyzers
77 Industrial Glass Cutting Machines • Lisec Glass Cutting Machines
• Bottero Glass Cutting Machines
78 Industrial Planetary Mixers • Hobart Industrial Planetary Mixers
• Globe Food Equipment Planetary Mixers
79 Industrial Laser Marking Systems • Videojet Laser Marking Systems
• Domino Laser Marking Systems
80 Industrial Portable Generators • Generac Industrial Portable Generators
• Honda Industrial Portable Generators
81 Industrial Particle Size Analyzers • Malvern Panalytical Particle Size Analyzers
• HORIBA Particle Size Analyzers
82 Industrial Screw Compressors • Kaeser Screw Compressors
• Sullair Screw Compressors
83 Industrial UV Curing Systems • Phoseon UV Curing Systems
• Nordson UV Curing Systems
84 Industrial Pressure Calibrators • Fluke Pressure Calibrators
• WIKA Pressure Calibrators
85 Industrial Magnetic Separators • Eriez Magnetic Separators
• Bunting Magnetic Separators
86 Industrial Metal Detectors • Fortress Technology Metal Detectors
• Thermo Fisher Scientific Metal Detectors
87 Industrial Gas Turbine Generators • Solar Turbines Gas Turbine Generators
• Rolls-Royce Gas Turbine Generators
88 Industrial Bagging Machines • Bossar Bagging Machines
• Viking Masek Bagging Machines
89 Industrial Carbon Analyzers • LECO Carbon Analyzers
• Eltra Carbon Analyzers
90 Industrial Vacuum Furnaces • Ipsen Vacuum Furnaces
• ALD Vacuum Technologies Furnaces
91 Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks • Crest Ultrasonics Cleaning Tanks
• Blue Wave Ultrasonics Cleaning Tanks
92 Industrial Powder Coating Systems • Nordson Powder Coating Systems
• Gema Powder Coating Systems
93 Industrial Die Cutting Machines • Spartanics Die Cutting Machines
• Bobst Die Cutting Machines
94 Industrial Concrete Mixers • McNeilus Concrete Mixers
• SANY Concrete Mixers
95 Industrial Fiber Optic Test Equipment • EXFO Fiber Optic Test Equipment
• Viavi Solutions Fiber Optic Test Equipment
96 Industrial Coriolis Flow Meters • Emerson Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters
• Endress+Hauser Promass Coriolis Flow Meters
97 Industrial Electrostatic Precipitators • Babcock & Wilcox Electrostatic Precipitators
• Beltran Electrostatic Precipitators
98 Industrial Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges • Olympus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
• Dakota Ultrasonics MX-5 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
99 Industrial Gas Turbine Controls • Woodward Industrial Gas Turbine Controls
• GE Control Solutions Gas Turbine Controls
100 Industrial Robotic Welding Systems • ABB Robotic Welding Systems
• Fanuc Robotic Welding Systems

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