Why do I need the USB wifi stick?

Why do I need the USB wifi stick?

1) Stop your employees from walking back and forth between computer and machines all day with a usb stick. You just leave the stick in the machine.
2) Stop your employees from being responsible for usb sticks as well as other computer details such as formatting. No more hunting for lost usb sticks.
3) Stop the wear and tear of your machine’s control panel, which prevents costly repairs and downtime. Inserting a usb stick into usb ports damage the port mechanically over time, and your computer’s port as well.
4) The stick is already compatible with your windows computer and uses features already built-in. There are no drivers and nothing to install. (Already stated but good points should be in several places)
5) The wifi stick is compatible with 99% of machines with a usb port. 6) INSERT other easy-to-understand motivations here… technically #4 and 5 are perhaps not motivations, but are designed to remove fear about the product.
7) Full customer support promise. We will help you get it to work with your machine and computer, or your money back. If there is incompatibility, we will do our best to update the software to make it work. Another bullet to remove fear.

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